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Thank you for choosing Decor by Dulce & Linen Rentals for your event!  

Reservation Deposit: The deposit required in order to reserve items is 25% of the total balance unless agreed upon and signed off on. If said deposit is not made, items will not be packed and prepared for your event until your arrival.

Renters Responsibility/damage : Decor by Dulce & Linen Rentals will hand over the rented items and as of that moment, the renter assumes full responsibility of the items. The renter agrees to pay for lost or damaged items. Damages include but are not limited to, burned items, waxed items, ripped items, mildewed items, ink on items. ID will be asked for and a copy of it will be made and kept until items return.

Security Deposit: Decor by Dulce & Linen Rentals requires a security deposit information in the case items are not returned or damaged. This is made in the form of credit card information sheet that will be filled out at time of pickup.  

Final Payments: are due 2 weeks prior to your event date unless agreed upon, and signed off. No checks are accepted day of pick up or day of set up. All checks must be in 1 week prior to event date.

Taking care of items: it’s important for all equipment must be brought indoors while not in use. Meaning at night after the event and or during rain, they must be inside. Do not place wet or heavy soiled linens in bags, they will mildew and replacement fees will be charged. All equipment must be operated by an adult.

Cancellations and reductions Policy: once you reserve rentals and place a deposit all other requests for your items on your dates are turned away to keep our agreement with you. So in any event you must cancel, we must have it in writing. All cancellations and Reductions or removal will lose their deposit. We ask for a 25% rental deposit for booking over a month away; 50% rental deposit the month of; Week of reductions will result in an additional 50% of rental value charge. all reduction/removal/trades are subject to a minimum of 25%of rental value removal fee.

No-Show: if you do not pick up your items there will be no refunds

Returns : if an item is returned late, the customer will be charged for an additional day, and every day after. If the items are not returned within 3 days of return date, replacement fees will be assessed and charged to the credit card on file. 

Garden chairs are not to be left out overnight as they do get damaged by the morning mist. 
All items should be kept from damage including but not limited to fire, wax, gum, ink, marker, mist. 
Items should be kept indoors while not in use. 
Items will be washed for regular food but must not be returned with food chunks on them. 

Decor by Dulce & Linen Rentals is not responsible for any injuries resulting in misuse of equipment.

With this deposit you agree to these terms and conditions. You hereby agree to take full responsibility for items as of pick up and until return.

​​Decor by Dulce  & Linen Rentals